Everyone will have different priorities, so pick a guide or set of tips that reflects what’s important to you.

Judge a guide by the same standards used for all primary resources, with a couple of additions.

  • Who wrote it
  • Who’s their audience
  • When was it written?
  • Where did they get their information?
  • What’s their benefit if you believe them?
  • What’s the plan to keep it up to date?

General Guides

These guides provide and overview of loads of topics and provide mountains of things to do. Pick one guide, and then do one thing from it a week.

Crashoverride Network Privacy Coach
Unclear when the last time it was updated but nice step-by-step wizard style walk through

EFF Surveillance Self Defense resources
one of the gold standards in terms of quality information

Privacy Paradox Tip Sheet
List of tips put out by the podcast Note to Self

Wired Guide to Digital Security

Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked

EPIC Online Guide to Practical Privacy Tools
Lists of privacy tools to explore

Do It Yourself Online Safety
Has a heavy emphasis on those trying to hide from a domestic abuser, one of the most difficult situations since they typicially have or had access to your physical space and devices.

Stay Safe Online
Basic tips for non technical audience