Why This

Why this? Because working on projects and being in communities ideally should be a source of joy not a drain. Burn out can happens so quickly when we put ourselves constantly on the line for things that don’t feel like they care back. Guido van Rossum, inventor of Python, now sick of the Python community. Game Devs sick of toxic gamers. Conference goers, sick of conferences that give a long leash to toxic personalities, sapping energy away from everyone else. When toxic people show up, not shutting down bad behavior FAST isn’t simply “letting things work out”, it’s a decision to drive away good people who don’t want to be around that level of bullsh*t.

Boundary formation plays an important role in the development of self, and it takes work to get it right. Individuals need boundaries, like what time they stop working on any given day, to make room for their complete identity. Communities hopefully form boundaries so that bullies don’t march in and start sucking all the oxygen out of the room. The Paradox of Tolerance requires us not to allow folks to bring poison to the pot lucks we host.

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