Your weekly reminder to back up your data, update software and otherwise pay attention to your digital environment. (Oh, and to head to the CRASH Space meeting…)

Zone 02, the tasks beyond the basics center on “identity,” how to increase the chances they you’re you and they’re them. I had some fun today setting up some Keys… RSA SSH keys, to be exact. This might be a good time to review that, if you haven’t thought about it in awhile. The first three videos cover the theory, the last two cover how to use ’em.

And why was I generating keys? I decided it would be fun, instead of complaining how everyone else is doing it wrong, to highlight some promising projects.

I could have written a panegyric, but instead of that essay we have a Mastodon instance for CRASH Space that took about an afternoon to set up. FWIW, I have LAMP stack web dev experience (perl, php and python), but minimal rails experience and hadn’t worked with docker before. These guides were the most help.

So for now, if you are a CS Member, I’ll sign you up for an account should you so desire. Since it’s ours, what it becomes will be up to us!

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Weekly Basics

  • Check that backup systems are actually running. (more)
  • Update main computer(s), phone(s) and tablet(s). (more)
  • Clean out and reset wallet/purse/laptop bag/vehicle. (more)
  • Spend some time adding passwords to your password manager and updating flagged passwords. (more)
  • Wipe down your main devices, physically! (more)
  • What neglected inbox will you check today? (more)

This Week’s Focus:

Zone 02: Identity

  • Enable Two Factor Authorization somewhere new, and/or ask for it from a vendor that doesn’t offer it. (more)
  • Log in to financial accounts to check the transaction history. (more)
  • Check for new breaches & scams. (more)
  • Any paper to shred? (more)
  • Continue to use unique, fake answers to “secret questions” for password resets. (more)
  • Do a little self-stalking (more)
  • A reminder to independently verify phone numbers, links and other contact information provided to you. (more)


News and Updates

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Summer peaches and fuzzy kitties. That’s a way to make the day better. However, if that’s not where your mood is, perhaps a live stream of a melting fatburg (via Christina Xu)?